Hydrolith BS-ZX plus

Fountain Solution Concentrate for Sheetfed Presses


Product Usage

Fountain Solution Concentrate - with strong Alcohol Replacing Additives - for Sheetfed Offset Presses

Features and Benefits

  • Strong alcohol replacement additives allow to eliminate IPA
  • with Fogra Certifiate
  • effective buffer cleans the oxide surface thoroughly
  • very stable ink and water balance
    safe printing process with broad window
  • very fast start up of the plate
    minimizes waste
  • prevents or minimizes framing (copy on impression cylinder)
  • easy switching over to alcohol-less printing: cost saving!
  • lower dosage compared to other alcohol-less founts: cost saving!
  • prevents contamination of the circulation - fountain solution stays clear
  • also recommended for Fuji PRO-T3 plates and Silver Digiplates


20 liter cans, 200 liter drums

Storage and Shelf Life

Storage: not under 6°C, not above 30°C
Shelf Life: 12 months
Keep container tightly closed
Keep away from direct sun light


Dosage of Hydrolith BS-ZX Plus: 3-5% depending on the water hardness

Dosage of IPA: 0-2% depending on the circumstances

For a successfull elimination of alcohol it necessary: Fountain Solution Cooling System, standardized water quality, appropriate adjustment of the rollers, eventually ceramic or special rollers. If standard rollers are in use the ductor speed might be increased considerable. This does not mean that more water is transfered and emulsified into the ink!

Please see also the Download "Printing without alcohol".

For water hardness up to ca. 15° dH / 270 ppm

Technical Specifications

  • form: liquid
  • Density: 1,040 g/cm3
  • Color: transparant -slightly yellowish/brown
  • Odour: mild - characterisitc
  • Water miscible: yes
  • pH value: 4,2
  • labelling: Xi Irritating

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