WetRoll - UV

Pre-impregnated Cleaning Cloth Rolls for UV inks for Automatic Blanket Cleaning

Product Usage

Pre-impregnated Cleaning Cloths for UV Inks for Automatic Blanket Cleaning Systems


10 WetRolls per carton

Features and Benefits

  • Base material Polyester and treated pulp fibers combined in a strong hydro-entanglement process
  • Customized to UV Inks and UV Blankets
  • Very efficient cleaning solution with low consumption - down to 50% less solvent to use
  • high flash point and zero VOC for safe use and care of the environment
  • Excellent absorbance capability for inks, solvents, dust and water
  • Even, smooth and soft surface for effective and gentle cleaning
  • Lint-free surface - no disturbing residues left
  • Precise winding and constant tension - even unwinding without interruption
  • Proven cloth with stable sutructure
  • Spindle with high accuracy: easy mounting and no blocking


put WetRoll-UV into the spindle and put the beginning of the roll into the conveyor rollers. Pay attention to an even tension. 

Technical Specifications

  • preassembled + pre-impregnated Cleaning Rolls made in Germany

Wash Solution:

  • Flash Point above 150°C
  • Odour: neutral
  • Labelling: zero hazard

Storage and Shelf Life

Storage: Store horizontal! otherwise an uneven distribution of the solution in the WetRoll may occur.

Storage: not under 0°C, not above 40°C
keep packaging closed until use 

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