Supremo UV

Allround Blanket for UV Printing

Product Usage

blanket for UV and hybrid inks

Features and Benefits

  • universal usage: paper, carton 
  • excellent ink transfer, dense and equal solids
  • the EPDM cover makes very resistant against UV-inks and UV washes 
  • reduces piling of paper dust - reduces wash cycles 
  • very good resistance to edge marking and smashes 
  • special micro ground  surface - leads to sharp dot reproduction, excellent ink transfer and fast paper release 
  • very robust through 4 layer construction - for long runs and high speed presses
  • high durability 


for sheet-fed pesses - also high speed - UV and Hybrid inks 

for us with all paper types, cartons

for conventional inks 

Technical Specifications

  • Construction: 4-layers, compressible
  • Surface: micro ground, 0,6 µm Ra
  • Micro/Total Hardness: app. 55°/78° Shore A
  • Thickness: 1,96mm
  • color: violett

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in a cool and dry place

Expire time: 12 months

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