K 3

effective Plate Cleaner

Product Usage

effective Cleaner and Conditioner for analog positive and negative working offset plates 

Features and Benefits

  • Removes ink and slight background toning
  • Contains gentle cleaning particles to support the cleaning action
  • Improves the water receptiveness and start-up of the plate
  • Activates the Diazzo Coating (image areas) of the plate:
    good ink receptiveness
  • Effective cleaning action: removes also dried ink and slight scratches


10x1 Liter /carton, 6x2 liter/carton


Apply Plate Cleaner K 3 onto a wet rag or wet sponge and clean plate surface with a slight pressure, then remove the residues with water

Technical Specifications

  • Form: liquid
  • Density: 0,980 g/cm3
  • Color: white
  • Odour: characteristic
  • Water miscible: yes
  • pH value: > 2
  • Hazards classification: Xn Harmful

Storage and Shelf Life

Storage: not under 6°C, not above 40°C 
Shelf Life: 12 months
Keep can tightly closed
Keep away from direct sunlight

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