Cleaning Cloth for Automatic Blanket Cleaning Systems - pre-impregnated or dry

Product Usage

Cleaning Cloths for Impression Cylinders in Automatic Blanket Cleaning Systems: pre-impregnated or dry

Features and Benefits

  • Cleaning cloth with stable structure
  • efficient cleaning power with very low consumtion - down to 50% less
  • very high flash point abaove 140°C for safe and convenient working conditions
  • Excellent absorbance capability for inks, solvents, dust and water
  • even, smooth and soft surface for effective and gentle cleaning
  • Lint-free surface - no disturbing residues left
  • Precise winding and constant tension - even unwinding without interruptions
  • Spindle with high accuracy: easy mounting and no blocking
  • Pre-impregnated Version: effecient cleaning power with low consumption, high flash point, zero VOC, Fogra approved cleaning solution


put ImpRoll into the spindle and put the beginning of the roll into the conveyor rollers. Pay attention to an even tension. 

Technical Specifications

  • preassembled + pre-impregnated Cleaning Rolls or dry version

Wash Solution:

  • Flash Point above 150°C
  • Odour: neutral
  • Labelling: zero hazard

Storage and Shelf Life

Storage: Store horizental! otherwise an uneven distribution of the solution in the ImpRoll-wet may occur.

Storage: not under 0°C, not above 40°C
keep packaging closed 

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