Ink Stripper HGR Ultra

Intensive Ink Stripper and Cleaner for Inks

Product Usage

Intensive Ink Stripper and Cleaner to remove dried inks from ink trays, rollers ends, other press parts

Features and Benefits

  • high solvency power
    Removes also stubborn residues and glaze
  • very fast evaporation without greasy residues
  • Flash point below -10°
  • softens, dissolves and removes dried ink and othe rresidues


10x1 liter/carton, 4 X 5 liter can, 200 liter drum


apply Ink Stripper HGR Ultra evenly, let penetrate and wipe away dissolved residues.    

Technical Specifications

  • Density: 0,798 g/cm3
  • Flash Point: below -10°C
  • Color: clear
  • Odour: keton specific
  • Evaporation: fast

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in a cool and dry place - highly flammable - refer to the storage restrictions

Expire time: 12 months

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