EasyStrip RS 10

Stripper for Photoresists


20 liter cans, 200 liter drums, 1.000 liter IBC

Features and Benefits

  • Does not contain inorganic alkaline compounds or glycols
  • Size of stripped resist particles can be adjusted by the concentration
  • Neither lead-tin nor gloss tin surfaces are attacked
  • Even high-gloss surfaces are not matted
  • Copper surfaces are protected

Product Usage

Stripper for all common aqueous-alkaline photoresists

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in a cool and dry place
Expire time: 12 months

Technical Specifications

  • Density: 1,025
  • pH value concentrate: 12,6
  • pH-value of 1:9 working solution: 11,7
  • Colour: yellowish
  • Capacity: 1L of EasyStrip RS 10 strips about 20 m2 of a 2 mil resist (assumption: 50% conductive pattern)
  • Water miscible: yes


Shake concentrate before use.  Adjust inner layer line so that the circuit board is stripped down after 50% of the chamber length. High-pressure ringing has proven to be successful for to remove resist particles that are stuck under glavanic superstructure. Bath monitoring with the pH-value (<10,5) is suitable. Machine-realted spraying may occur in the spraying application, which may easily be reduced by applying Antifoam SF-1.

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