Desmear Queller 40

For swelling up the resin


20 liter cans, 200 liter drums, 1.000 liter IBC

Features and Benefits

  • Swells and conditions the resin for the following desmear process (permanganate process)
  • Makes the resin attackable

Product Usage

Swelling agent for the conditioning of resin in the desmear process (permanganate line) for the multilayer-production

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in a cool and dry place
Expiry time: 12 months

Technical Specifications

  • Density: 0,97
  • Colour: clear
  • Odour: characteristic
  • Water miscible: yes


Add Desmear Queller 40 into the swelling module and well up the smeared resin after drilling. After that oxidize with Desmear Remover to reverse the forming of manganate..

Operating Parameters

concentrations: swelling agent concentrate 35-45 %, sodium hydroxide 2-3 g/L

temperatur: 60°C± 2°C

Exposure time: tank application ca. 7 minutes, horizontal lines 0,5m/min at 1m module length

Consumption: at continuous supply (compensation of wearing out) ca. 70-80 ml per m2 of cutting, or replace the bath after ca. 10m2 cutting per litre


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