Iron (III) Chloride Powder

Caustic Agent

Product Usage

Caustic Agent for copper and zinc plates. for copper gravure, circuits boards, oxidizing and pickling agent for textile printing 


400 gram can

Features and Benefits

  • even etching
  • can be diluted to the strength required


with example 40% solution: add 40g Iron (III) Chloride powder into 60ml water, then stir 2-3 minutes with a glass rod or wooden spatula. Then apply solution onto the plate areas to be etched and let act 5-10 minutes, then remove thoroughly with water. Etching effect 10-30 μm/minute.


Technical Specifications

  • form: liquid
  • Density: 0,88 g/m3
  • Color: black- brown
  • Odour: aromatic
  • Flash Point: 42°C
  • pH value: -
  • labelling: Xn Harmful; N Toxic to aquatic organism

Storage and Shelf Life

Storage: not under 6°C, not above 40°C
Shelf Life: 12 months
Keep container tightly closed
Keep away from direct sun light

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