Hydrolith SF-X4

Modern sheetfed fountain solution concentrate for IPA-free printing

Product Usage

Fountain solution concentrate with strong IPA-replacement additives for sheetfed offset presses

Features and Benefits

  • IPA-free printing
  • Dosage 3 - 5 %, depending on circumstances
  • Optimized for process-free offset printing plates
  • Fast rollup - also after machine re-start
  • Strong buffering system for stable printing process
  • Stable ink/water-balance
  • Broad process window - precise control of parameters possible
  • Reduced framing
  • Prevents contamination of the machine circulation - fountain solution stays clear and clean
  • Suitable for conventional inks and UV- and specialty inks



20 L cans, 200 L drums, 1.000 L IBC

Storage and Shelf Life

Storage: not under 6°C, not above 30°C
Shelf Life: 12 months
Keep container tightly closed
Keep away from direct sun light


Dosage of Hydrolith SF-X4: 3-5% depending on the water hardness and circumstances

IPA-dosage: 0 %, up to 3 % possible

For a successfull reduction of IPA the following factors are important: fountain folution cooling system, standardized water quality, appropriate roller adjustment and regular maintenence of machine components.

For water hardness up to 20° dH

Technical Specifications

  • Form: liquid
  • Density: 1,06 g/cm3
  • Color: colorless
  • Odour: mild
  • Water miscible: yes
  • pH value: 4,5 as concentrate
  • Conductivity increase approximately 320 µScm-1 per 1 % dosage
  • Labelling: GHS 07

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